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Football camps spring

Football camps spring

Our football camps is for everyone at their own level.
By participating in our football camps training program you become stronger, faster and more agile. We organize football camps for children of all ages. Our football camps are very efficient for developing technical football skills and improving the physical condition of every young football player.Football camps spring
Dates and locations of our football camps:

  • April 30, SV Diemen, Diemen (NH)
  • May 1, SV Diemen, Diemen (NH)
  • May 2, SV Diemen, Diemen (NH)

Not all dates and locations of our football camps are already known, more dates and locations are coming soon.
We hold the football trial day on May 4 where the youth football players born in 2003-2011 can participate.
The scouts of famous football clubs as Ajax, FC Utrecht and Feyenoord will be present.
Take a unique opportunity to be scouted by a professional football club.

We love the football game and striving to victory is our motivation!

The last tournament of 2016

The last tournament of 2016 was held in Alphen aan de Rijn

Our academy’s team won this tournament last year, without losing a single match.
After starting the tournament and winning the pool, our team (year of birth 2006) beat Wooter Academy in the semi-finals quite cogently: 3-0.
In the finals we played against Barcelona SS and we beat them as well. The other participants and spectators were impressed by the technical skills of our players and also by their will to win.

Football camp

Football camp
Our football academy arranges football camps during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.
Taking part in one of our football camps will help any football player to improve his physical and technical football skills. Our football coaches possess the necessary qualities, they do their best to ensure that young football players will improve their skills and abilities within a short time. They have knowledge of the best training methods. We guarantee that the players will be trained at a Dutch way of football training -the most modern, widely used football training method. Every single football coach from our academy is licensed and trained by the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Federation) Every football player who visits one of our camps will be motivated by the sportive atmosphere in the training camp. This atmosphere will help the player to be able to control the most difficult technical elements in football in a very quick and effective way. A lot of attention is being paid to physical preparation as well by our football coaches. The intensive football training in the camps of our football academy have a positive impact on the mentality of the participants of our camps. They increase the level of self-confidence of the football players as well. The football camp during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months
Young football players who want to improve their football skills and who want to learn what a training of players of the best football clubs in the world looks like, should take part in our football camp training program. In our camps we divide the football players in smaller groups, in accordance with the age of the players and the level of their technical and physical skills.

Football interview

Football interview with the head coach of the best youth football school

Interview with the director and head coach of one of the best youth football schools in Holland.

In junior Football Academy Amsterdam daily train dozens of children aged 5-6 years.
The unique technique of technical training of young players developed in the Netherlands provides excellent results in a relatively short period of time.
More than 20 students of our Football Academy are already playing in the Top-football clubs of the Dutch Major League Soccer.

Clubs such as Ajax, Feyenoord, Vitesse demonstrated their interest for young players from our Football Academy.

Amsterdam International Football Academy offers to all interested by age group 5-6 years to 18-20 years individually targeted training and football training training in a group of peers.

All our trainers are certified by the Dutch Football Federation.

Dutch football school

Dutch football school

The Dutch Football School is already years is one of the best in the Football World.
For many years, we train young and ambitious players who strive to achieve the highest levels of football skills.
The best football youth coaches from Holland will help you to fulfill a dream and become a professional football player. We guarantee that the players will be trained at a Dutch way of football training and also significantly improve his football technical skills and physical quality.The Dutch Football School The Dutch way of training method is becoming more and more popular as the demands of the modern footballer increase. Our highly trained coaches welcome you to our home base in the capital of the Netherlands -Amsterdam. The most of the significant development opportunities of our Football Academy are focused on football players aged of 5 to 18 years old.
We guarantee that everyone who takes part in our football training will be improved his skills and become a better football player.
We offer an all inclusive football training and football camps programs, including accommodation and transfers.