Football Tactics

Football tactics

Football tactics can be defined as a scheme of arrangement of players on the field to organize the most efficient interaction between players with each other.
Tactics can apply either to defensive or attacking formations and methods of play.

Total Football

The football tactics called “total football” suggests the possibility of interchangeability of players while maintaining the original structure of certain football tactic. The ability to quickly change the place of a football player in the tactical scheme, makes it opponent difficult.The Football Tactics are constantly evolvingIn accordance with the starting position of each football player on the field, will be determined by the primary task of every player in a football match. The Football Tactics is constantly developing and evolving. Coaches of professional football clubs and National football teams trying to use more and more exotic tactical schemes, such as 3-5-1-1, 3-1-3-3 even 3-4-2-1; appears even the term “micro tactic of football”.