Football technique

Football technique

Football technique is a combination of physical actions, as any other technique in sports.

This technique is crucial to complete the assigned tasks in the most effective and expedient manner. That is why it is not possible to talk about a standard football technique. Football technique is really individualized, that’s why it doesn’t make any sense to imitate great players like Pele, Maradona, Messi and Ronaldinho. Every football player has a large amount of natural skills and every player possesses unique characteristics and qualities. These skills are tested over the years and based on the personal qualities of each player. The rational methods of technical training are based on the achievements of modern sports science. These methods consider the individuality of each player and therefore allowed the Dutch to become to elite of world football.

The best system of football technical training is the Dutch football training system

The Dutch football technique training system is a smart system, which is based on sports science and has repeatedly proven itself in techniqueFootball technique is primarily based on practicing game situations during training. This kind of trainings are fully applicable for aspirant players, but also at all subsequent stages of development of the football technique. The variety of technical actions that is necessary for the development of a good football technique, makes it impossible to separate all the components of football technique.

The complex training method

A complex method of acquisition and maintenance of football technique is widely used in Dutch football at every level. The amateur football teams and by professional Dutch football leagues applying a similar method to learn and maintain the football techniques. A large number of technical exercises can be seen in the warming up and training of the Dutch national team. Our coaches conduct individual training and group training on a daily base on the fields of our main location in Amsterdam.
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