Football for kids in Holland

Football for kids in Holland has a very good reputation

Many excellent football players come from the Dutch children’s football system.

Our Football Academy applies a child-friendly approach to youth football, challenging the win-at-all-costs mentality that is stifling development and enjoyment for young people. We build teamwork and football skills, your child will certainly enjoy our football sessions.Football for kids in HollandPerformance in soccer depends on technical, tactical and physical skills that can be developed if the players have good components of flexibility, endurance, strength speed and agility. One of our most important targets is that all young football players develop their highest functional capacity to enhance their sprinting, jumping, and agility. Developing the quality of football training is one of the main aims of the Amsterdam Football Academy. More than 100 young football players of our Football Academy become professional football players Major League football across Europe.

The Amsterdam Football Academy pays a great deal of attention to education and societal values as well as teaching the youth players strict discipline. Our football training focuses on teaching of total ball control, one-on-one situations, directional changes and passing and dominating the opponent.
In our football training we use the famous Wiel Coerver method.
The Coerver Coaching method incorporates passing drills, receiving drills, Dutch football coaching method also has an emphasis placed upon high speed of football play.
Football talent is something that can be developed. If you participate in trainings of Football Academy Amsterdam, you will develop your football talent. You will surely become a better player.