Football feints

Football feints are deceptive movements and techniques produced by a football player to force the opponent to make errors.

These feints should help a football player to gain an advantage in the form of field space or time advantage. The dribbling is the most attractive part of football, also one of the most difficult skills to master.
Ball control is a general principle that is required for all types of dribbles. Ball control is the ability to move with the ball without losing the possession of it. Football feintsAll moves and tricks are based on the idea of throwing the opponent off balance. Feinting is the most vital part of creative dribbling and by far the most entertaining part of dribbling on a whole, every move is based on confusing the opponent by making him think that he can predict what your next move will be. Especially in kids football, teaching feint techniques is an important part of the development of ball skills. Any football coach, should start by teaching football feints. Training with football feints is one of the most important parts of the Dutch football training method.
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