Football coaching techniques

Football coaching techniques in the Netherlands

The Dutch Football Coaching and Training Methods.
The Dutch Football Coaching System was established in the early 70’s in Netherlands.
It is a very efficient system based on experiences and methods of known Dutch football coach Wiel Coerver. The methodology that have been developed in the Netherlands football practice, has lead to the use of the Dutch football training and coaching system in all leading professional football clubs in Europe.Football coaching techniquesThe football coaches in Holland train young players to play in the Dutch style: attacking football based on top-level techniques. They saying: we don’t want to use our football tactics to make a good game, we always want it to be a great one”. The Dutch Method focuses on individual football skills progression, and the development of tactical awareness through drills carried out in small groups.
The Dutch football training and coaching system is unique and distinctive. The development of the physical skills of players in the early stages of football training, takes place in the process of development of technical skills of football.