Football Academy

Football Academy

The Football Academy is a Dutch football academy founded in 2001.

Amsterdam International Football Academy (AIFA) is an organization of Dutch football experts.

We offer a fully customizable football training tailored to your individual needs

There are a variety of football training methods and the Dutch soccer coaches are experts in the field of youth football, owning a variety of methods of training and also they have great experience. The Amsterdam International Football Academy (AIFA) is one of the best football school of Dutch Football education. We provide football training for children and young football players from beginner to professional football level. Football Academy Amsterdam
In the past years we have transferred more than hundred young football players to professional football clubs such as AJAX, AZ, Vitesse, Feyenoord, FC Volendam, Sparta, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund. Want to be the best player out there? Our football training will help you create your own professional football level. Our personal football training designed by professional football coaches is everything you need as a youth football player to work on your game and fitness. We provide full guidance for improving football skills, specific technical football training tailored to your needs.
 Successful football training in Amsterdam
Football skills and technical training, aerobic and anaerobic training, power training, functional
agility and football quickness training.

You’re welcome to our Football Academy in Amsterdam

If you want to take advantage of our experience, we are willing to organize and provide a football training in your country, on your own football fields.
Don’t hesitate to contact us today, don’t miss a train to you football future.

Internal football Championship One v One

We offer a fundamental football coaching for every football player at every level

42 thoughts on “Football Academy

  1. Bela

    I trained in this academy about two months. The training were very intensive and professional. I would advise anyone to go to this football academy and to see it with their own eyes!

  2. Michael

    Hallo zusammen! Ich habe 6 Wochen in diesem Verein trainiert. Ich war mit der Methode des Fussballtrainings sehr zufrieden!
    Michael (FC Viktoria, Berlin)

  3. Jehad Alchandari

    Dead Sir,

    My name is Jehad Alchandari , i just want to ask about if this academy give courses for coaching football (i want to be a football coach) , please can you you informe me about this courses is available or not.

    Best regards,,
    Jehad Alchandari

  4. Andrew

    Hello, just wondering are the lessons conducted in English or Dutch?

  5. admin Post author

    Dear Andrew, all the coaches can provide training in English and Dutch

  6. David Angbo

    Please I want to be part of the academy .
    I will like to be contacted to discuss my registration at the academy

  7. Miguel

    Hi,My name is Miguel Fernandes I am 15 and I am looking for a university in holland that specializes in soccer, but also has courses that I can pursue. My passion is to make it professionally in soccer because I am really talented and along with that I work really hard. I live in Mozambique which is in Africa, and there are no good soccer academy’s there, although I have entered as many as I could I don’t feel challenged. I have been asked to play for some teams but most of them are 7 aside and I only want to play 11 aside to help me improve my knowledge on the pitch.

    I am in 10th grade and moving on to 11th soon, and my parents are forcing me to choose a course. I have told them countless times that my passion is to play soccer but I have not been given the opportunity to show what I can do. Could you pease reply because all I want is a chance to show what I am truly capable of.

  8. abey

    hello i am coach abey zelalem went improve my coaching skill at your place would please tell me what will i do

  9. Sooraj

    Would love to know about the registration and stuff so that I can also join your academy

  10. admin Post author

    Dear Sooraj, you can contact us via “Contact us” page

  11. Zack Camilleri

    Hi, I am a 20-year old and I will be spending 4 months in Amsterdam attending a University there from next February and would like to know whether I could train somewhere during that period. I play as a striker.

  12. James Benedick


    I manage a kids football team in England. The boys are 10 and 11 years old and we wre playing in a tournament in Amsterdam on Sunday 30 June.

    We are looking for a game on Saturday 29 June.

    Do you have a team we can play?

    If not, do you know of any other teams?



  13. Adejumo Agbolahan Adeniyi

    Please i’m interested in your soccer academy have decided to choose your team please give me info on how to join

  14. Festus Ndip Ako Tambe

    Am interested in your academy am from cameroon and i have chose your academy please sent me info on your term, condition and tuition fee

  15. Gap Yuttasak

    Hi, I’m from Thailand. I would like to send my boy 14 yrs old to train there next year for 3 months during March to May 2020. Please kindly advise how to make a registration.

  16. Andries Hermanus Naobeb

    Hi, I’m from Namibia . I would like to send my son to train there next year for 3 months during June to August 2020. Please kindly advise how to make a registration.

  17. Ashok Harpalani

    I have a son age 17 plays reasonably good football and wants to become a professional footballer. I am from India.Can I join your academy and how ?

  18. admin Post author

    You can contact us via WhatsApp or Viber (page: contact us)

  19. Hart Diligence

    Hello, my name is Hart Diligence from Nigeria, I’m 18 years old and I’ll like to know the full cost of the academy and the age limit for the academy registration, thank you.

  20. admin Post author

    Hello, we mainly work with young players up to 16 years old

  21. Odenike Temiloluwa

    Hello please i love playing football…i am from nigeria i have a passion for playing as a professional footballer…can i join the academy and how to register please…reach me here 09054371228 thanks you..will be waiting for you reply…

  22. Daniel Jnr King Batsios

    I’m a footballer in Ghana and I play for United Talent football Academy . And I will like to join your Academy to show you the skills and love I have for the game .

  23. Odenike Temiloluwa

    Hello I would love to join your academy.. please reach me here 09057371228

  24. lamesa haile

    do a favour for me you wll not regret im 17 and want to join your academy

  25. Emmanuel

    Hello there am Emmanuel from Ghana [west africa] please is there anyway that i can join the academy? please let me know..Am a soccer player.

  26. Rajinder Singh

    My son Age is 17 years and he want to be professional footballer. We are from India. Can we join your academy. If yes, please let us know fee structure and overall course duration with payment.



  27. abdirashiid sead hassan

    Hello i am from somalia and i really intrested to your team academy it’s so strong to get me but i will try .

  28. admin Post author

    Hello, if you send a message via WhatsApp or Viber I can inform you

  29. Arian Yousefzadeh

    I’m Arian from Iran and 16 year’s old,I played in Perspolis academy in iran but I want join in you’re academy, please tell me your situation.

  30. admin Post author

    Hello Aryan, our situation is the same as everywhere. We cannot accept the new students and nobody can enter the Netherlands at this moment

  31. Abdulrahman

    Hello I am Abdul do you have training and trials for 3 months I am 17 years

  32. sohaibms7

    hi legends my name is sohaib player of footbal i’m really talent on football i have left foot and so ast with ball i just need care and help pelase please pelase please help me …..pealse

  33. Bandile

    Does this academy offer financial assistance to those interested international players who want join but dont have the financial aid to do so

  34. admin Post author

    Like all other football academies, we are a private institution, unfortunately, we cannot offer financial assistance

  35. Liam

    I’m from the US, our system is different and trying to learn. Is this academy club agnostic? Can my son train at this academy and play/train with his club?

  36. Esther Molina

    I would like to find out more about football training and residential school for my son. He will be 15 soon and is passionate about football. Please share more information about your program and costs. We are French.

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